Aries Clark

Finding my pulse in every opportunity
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Aries Clark, Software Engineer and Consultant.
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Aries Clark

Software Engineer

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I might be dead..?
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Thursday, August 17, 202311:39:12 p.m. MT
Jobs & experience
Icon for Studio Paprika
Studio PaprikaSoftware Engineer since September 2022.

Building the first VR dating app, Flirtual. We're helping thousands of people meet in VR. With the new-and-improved Flirtual, we'll connect millions more VR users for dates, friendship, and everything in between.

Icon for Runes Security
Runes SecuritySoftware Engineer for 4 months.

During my time at Runes Security, I worked on developing an open-source password manager that provides a non-intrusive, seamless secret management experience.

Icon for Altar Host
Altar HostSoftware Engineer for 2 years.

In order to establish a hosting provider, I independently engineered software to control and handle client billing, server deployment, and many other essential business processes.

Icon for Plox Host
Plox HostSystem Admin, Software Engineer for 4 years.

Over the years, I've worked with Plox Host to tackle infrastructure challenges, software issues, and a slew of other issues related to the management of a hosting company.