Hi, my name is

Aries Clark.

Software Engineer

Flag of Canada

I'm a proud Canadian software engineer with a passion for creating (and occasionally designing) things and services that challenge our perceptions of the every changing internet.

01.About me

I'm Aries, a 20-year-old Canadian with a burning desire to improve the status of the web through software development.

I began developing software when I was pretty young, at the age of eleven. I've done a lot of various things in those 11 years, from building Minecraft mods in Java to writing a lot of terrible PHP websites to getting to where I am now.

Recently, I've been concentrating on using current languages like TypeScript to build web-based applications and services using React and Next.js, among other tools.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

  • ElixirElixir is a dynamic, functional language for building scalable and maintainable applications.
  • PhoenixPhoenix is a framework written in Elixir to provide highly performant web applications.
  • TypeScriptA strongly typed programming language that builds on JavaScript.
  • Tailwind CSSA utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.
  • Next.jsA framework for server-side rendering and generating static websites using React and Node.js.
  • React.jsA JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • Node.jsA runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.
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Studio PaprikaSeptember 2022 to present.
Senior Software EngineerFull Time

Building the first VR dating app, Flirtual. We're helping thousands of people meet in VR. With the new-and-improved Flirtual, we'll connect millions more VR users for dates, friendship, and everything in between.

Runes SecurityApril 2022 to August 2022.
Senior Software EngineerFull Time

During my time at Runes Security, I worked on developing an open-source password manager that provides a non-intrusive, seamless secret management experience.

Altar HostDecember 2020 to February 20221 year.
Senior Software EngineerFull Time

In order to establish a hosting provider, I independently wrote software to control client billing, server deployment, and other essential business processes.

Plox HostFebruary 2016 to January 20203 years.
System Admin, Software EngineerVarious Contracts

Over the years, I've worked with Plox Host to tackle infrastructure challenges, software issues, and a slew of other issues related to the establishment of a hosting company.

03.A few creations

Screenshot of VRChat API Documentation
Featured ProjectVRChat API Documentation

Back in 2018 (just over 4 years ago!), I was the sole maintainer of this project, but as time went on, documenting the rapid changes in the VRChat environment became increasingly laborious.

As a result, I sought assistance from the community and assigned the majority of the work to fantastic volunteers who were prepared to devote time to the project in order to take it forward. Since then, we've constructed an automated mechanism for releasing SDKs in a variety of languages based on the OpenAPI definition, which we manage.

Screenshot of Next.js job board
Featured ProjectNext.js job board

I learned about the monthly GitHub Discussion for posting Next.js job requests after joining the official Next.js discord. I was intrigued by the way they were leveraging GitHub Discussions, so I cracked open VS Code to design and develop an interface for all this great data that was made publicly available in a relatively nice fashion.

Screenshot of Personal portfolio
Featured ProjectPersonal portfolio

Prior to this project, I didn't have a professional web presence to show off my skills. Brittany Chiang's gorgeous portfolio served as a major inspiration for the design. I created a site in a few days using Next.js, Tailwind.css, and TypeScript.

04.What's next?
Reach out

I enjoy a challenge. I'll do my best to answer your message, whether it's a question or just a kind hello! Try your luck and message me.